Shoes, Beans, and Bibles


The Stone Family Missionaries to South Africa

We would like to thank everybody who donated towards the shoe outreach and also those who support us. We couldn’t be here without you and we praise God for you!! 

We were able to purchase 300 pairs of shoes to put on the feet of the children in the highest need in the local township, as well as the elderly ladies who look after them. We are currently experience a drought…apparently the worse in 30 years. Many of the families of the children in our ministry are struggling even more now. This is why we areimage2-1 trying to relieve their immediate need with packages of beans and lentils. Many of the children have lost weight over the last few months and it is really painful to see.
We started to help out a family about a month ago with food (and prayer) after we heard the single mother has been admitted to hospital for an extended period of time. The 3 children had been involved in our ministry for the last 3 years and it was hard to see how much weight they lost and how sad they were. When we saw them yesterday the sparkle was back in their eyes, they gained a little bit of weight and their mom was back from the hospital.
Many of our ministry children live with their single mothers and grandmas, but they are often absent as well, trying to find work, collect wood, etc. I noticed that some of the children group together to make ends meet and prepare food together. This allowed us to give food supplies to the groups to share, enabling us to spread the food supplies further.


IMG_7494One of the benefits of shoe/ blanket outreaches is that it also attracts people who would normally not be interested in a Christian gathering. We are really aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit during these outreaches and we have seen some hardened hearts being penetrated by His love. One is the mother of a few young girls who run their shady business from their house. When we first visited her house 2 years ago, we were not really welcomed and felt a lot of resistance. Yesterday she came out to meet us, smiling and waving. She prayed with us 6 months ago and really seem to have changed since then. The shoes have given us a “voice” and allowed us “permission” into the lives and houses of many people and allowed us to pray for hundreds.
We are hoping to start a regular Bible study soon. We ordered 100 Bibles and a few large print Bibles (since many ladies are quite elderly) weeks ago and are still waiting. Even though the population in this area in South Africa is 90% Sotho speaking, it is really hard to find Sotho Bibles. We think it’s because it is quite expensive and just does not fit into the average budget in these parts, so I guess Bibles simply don’t sell. 
Again, we thank you for investing in the lives of these children and families!  Every shoe, meal, Bible, and prayer offered is as if it is handed to Jesus Himself.

The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” — Matthew 25:40