Schools With a Higher Purpose

GOF supports two schools on the Asian continent, both dedicated to providing quality education to local children.  Though both schools are located in Muslim nations, their community outreach differ from each other.

Church Way School

Click here to see a short video about how you can partner with Church Way School.

Click here to see a short video about how you can partner with Church Way School.

Church Way School serves children in an urban slum whose parents are often persecuted for their faith.  A common practice of this persecution is to not employ Christians, or to employ them as domestic servants and street sweepers — each wrought with high instances of physical and sexual abuse.  Keeping the Christian community in a cycle of poverty means they cannot educate their children due to school fees, thereby continuing the cycle.

This is where Church Way School is making an active difference!  Through your generosity, these children attend school free of charge and gain a Christian education while also learning English.  Consistently scoring above average in their tests, these students are well on the way to having higher skills and knowledge compared to their peers in Muslim schools, giving them opportunities that would otherwise not been afforded them.

Mercy Home and School

ImageAlso located in a Muslim nation, this school is based in a rural village.  Many of the students come from the village to go to school during the day, then return home to their Muslim families and share what they’ve learned.  Because of this, many Muslim families have since come to Christ!  There is also a group of orphans who are cared for full-time at the Mercy Home and School, receiving food, clothing, medicine, and a proper education.  Though some villagers are able to afford school fees for their children, most are not, and so your donations go to help support the costs of those who cannot pay the required fees.  You also help support the orphans who live onsite full-time.

Political unrest in the area and heavy rains have been problematic for the students and staff, but the Lord has kept everyone safe and the children’s studies have gone uninterrupted.  The village continues to be supportive of the school, which is key considering their location and the difference of faith.  This is a direct testimony of God’s favor!

Invest In These Children’s Education

Church Way School is experiencing an unexpected drop in support.  We need to raise $11,000 to cover the day-to-day operations of the school for this year and the final construction elements (railings, light fixtures, etc.) to keep the kids safe.

Mercy Home and School is in need of immediate repair due to age and recent heavy rains.  Currently the orphans who board at the school are sleeping in the already congested teachers’ dorm and in a study room until repairs can be completed.    Parents and other villagers have offered the labor, but $2,200 is needed for the supplies.  

Please consider investing in the lives of these children, the families who are receiving ministry through these schools, and the staff who so willingly serve.