International Weekend in Wisconsin

Mary Mielke produced an International Women’s Business Workshop in the Milwaukee, WI area where 30 women (internationals and Americans) participated and 15 more took part in the Dance Clinic on Friday night. During Saturday’s Fashion Event, God was at work as people from many countries gathered together and were visibly moved through love demonstrated & words shared, as well as through the Christian dance to the song ‘Ever Be’.   Women came up to Mary, hugging her, thanking her and asking how they could “be a part of this group?”

Though not promoted as a ‘Christian event’, God’s love & Word was on display throughout the weekend. Scriptures were at 5 different locations between vendor tables, comparing stages of a cup of chai (tea) to ‘life’.  After seeing broken pottery near the Chai Stand & the Scriptures from Jeremiah 18 about the Potter, people walked over to see a live potter spinning clay.  What can a Potter do with the a broken shard?

We witnessed answers to prayer for vendors whose parents refused to babysit, but after praying in Jesus name, the parents had a change of heart!  Also, we learned that God moved in the hearts of volunteers working downstairs to pray with two Muslims girls from Malaysia. These girls have had their hearts stirred from weekly contact from Christian volunteers who have continuously showed love each week in taking them to the English Center in Milwaukee, and having conversations about spiritual things as God opened doors. They attended the last Fashion Event & had began inquiring after seeing and hearing Scripture from Peter chapter 3 and asked, “What is the meaning?” During this year’s event, the four gathered in a huddle and prayed! They asked, “What is this, that we can pray and ask God for a husband who honors and respects women, and that we can honor and love the Lord?  They have not always seen that in their culture.

Truly God is sowing seeds in the hearts of many who have never heard or encountered God’s love & mercy. Two days after the event, an Indian woman called Mary to learn how to expand her business and about guest speaking. Mary set up a meeting and talked with her about her own life — once having a café and then changing directions because of sensing God wanted her to help people (especially women), as well as the spiritual journey she took to find God. The woman exclaimed, “I wanted to find someone who knows & loves God!” How could this chance meeting have come about? Mary shared with her many things, how she surrendered her life and invited Jesus to be her Lord, and that He loves us and longs to have relationship with us. The woman told Mary, “I believe you are to be the keynote speaker”  for a conference being held at a nearby Hindu temple.  Mary will be speaking about bringing value to women and seeing them liberated!

Mary requests your prayer for this upcoming speaking engagement, as Mary is being given much liberty to come into their Hindu place and share.  Mary says this of seeing women valued and liberated: “We lay hands on people and God liberates or heals them. He knows each one, and what they need, and may even speak a word to someone.” Please pray that the power & presence of God may be encountered in a way that all attending will hunger for more, wisdom for Mary in how to pray for women at this event, that the Lord would touch these women in their need and encourage them to turn to Him in a most unusual place!