Heartbeat of the Nations: Romania and India

I believe that in each generation God has called enough men and women to evangelize all the unreached tribes of the earth.  It is not God who does not call.  It is man who will not respond!

— Isobel Kuhn, Missionary to China and Thailand

Mary Mielke, her husband Randy, and a young lady named Cana recently returned from Romania and India where they reunited with friends, met new ones, and ministered to the people.

HouseGatheringStarting out in Romania, Mary and her team distributed crocheted hats and swaddling blankets for a local ministry center.  Surprised by the level of poverty in Romania despite being part of the European Union, the average person’s wages consists of $150 to $200 per month and living costs are quite high.  Though people fight against the corruption existent in the country, little seems to help.  Mary and Cana met with a group of 32 women inside a very small house where Mary spoke about sharing God’s grace — even to cultures not familiar or uncomfortable.  The women were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit as they cried out to the Lord in response to this message.

Later in the week Mary taught sessions from her “West & East Meet” series on ministering to Muslim neighbors.  Near the Romanian ministry center is a Turkish village with a Muslim mosque initiated by the European Union.  The surrounding Muslim community offers a significant opportunity for Romanian Christians to reach out and share their faith, but many fear speaking to their Turkish neighbors.  Through Mary’s teachings, the Romanian Christians learned helpful tips on how to relate to their neighbors and “Jesus Story” DVDs in the Turkish language were distributed.  A Turkish man who had become a Christian introduced his Muslim wife and family to the team and invited them to his home.  The wife attended the first “West & East Meet” session, so pray that her eyes will be unveiled to the truth and that Jesus will reveal Himself even further to not only her, but all in the region and around the world.

CanaThe team took part in several worship services in different areas and a real hunger for more of the Holy Spirit was evident.  Randy Mielke took part in a men’s prayer and worship gathering and described the time as powerful.  Cana, the third team member, played violin in different worship services including a youth meeting where  many received baptism in the Holy Spirit!  

Moving on to India, the team spent a few days with a family who used to live in the USA and participated in ministry events the Mielkes did in the Milwaukee area.  The team’s next stop was in the city of Bangalore where they learned of numerous needs and opportunities for future ministry.  That Sunday, a woman was delivered during the worship time by the power of the Holy Spirit, Mary preached the Word of God, and the team prayed for all the men, women, and children present.  

MaryPreachThey had opportunity to minister in slum neighborhoods where the locals shooed away the barking dogs to allow the team into their homes.  In one particularly small room, around 20 women and children gathered to meet the Western visitors.  As they walked the neighborhood, the team taught the residents a short song, shared Scripture, and prayed for the needs of the people.  Children struggle with learning due to inadequate diets and families face many hardships, but they were truly encouraged by the team and the team was touched having been with them.  An Indian national, Biju George, shared with the team how God is revealing Himself powerfully through signs and wonders to the Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims in the area.  

Please continue to pray for seeds that were sown during the team’s time in Romania and India.  God is at work — making Himself known to those who do not yet know Him, confirming the truth of Jesus through miracles, and stretching His own children to reach out beyond their comfort zone and minister to others who need to hear the gospel message.  

Thank you for your prayers during the team’s time of ministry and for the financial support you provided.  There is much work ahead in that region and the team is looking forward to returning, ministering, and rejoicing in the great things Christ is doing!