Specific Ways to Pray for GOF

Global PUSH Team

You’ve heard of Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH).  GOF has its own PUSH Team — a special forces group — that willingly battles against the enemy of our souls and prays to see the Lord glorified around the world.

PUSH Team members commit to:

  • daily pray for GOF
  • respond to and pray for requests that come in on Facebook
  • receive monthly emails with specific prayer points
  • keep requests confidential before the Lord

Global PUSH Team

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GOF Prayer Needs

Here are some basic ways you can pray for GOF:

  • Wisdom from the Lord regarding plans and areas of ministry.
  • Lord’s favor in dealing with government offices.
  • Spiritual growth of all missionaries and workers.
  • That new believers would be transformed into faithful disciples of Christ.
  • Every financial, spiritual, and emotional need met through Christ and the people of His choosing.
  • Growth in discipleship of all donors and friends.
  • Lord’s protection in travels.
  • To witness Christ in all situations, good and bad.