Leg Grows, Youth Healed, and a Plane Crash

DSCN2269Bill Eng returned to Indonesia once again to follow up on work accomplished last year.  The Indonesian churches have struggled regarding false doctrine, especially when it comes to the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues.  Therefore, Bill focused his teachings on this issue and about 50 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit!    

In the midst of teaching and preaching, the Lord worked miracles on people’s hearts, minds, and bodies.  For example, a woman attended a meeting and received healing when her short leg immediately grew a full inch!  A two-day youth rally resulted in many youth being filled with the Holy Spirit and healed of emotional issues.  What joy to see youth on fire for the Lord and youth pastors so dedicated to serving the younger population!

DSCN2318Four days of teaching meetings with pastors revealed that many pastors don’t trust each other or pastors don’t trust the leaders in their churches, leading to conflicts on many levels.  This is a clear attack of the devil upon the the Indonesian church and one that we must target in prayer!  Another outflow of this attack is that pastors’ lack of trust results in not equipping their flocks to do the work of the church.  Bill spent time with the pastors addressing these issues and providing leadership training.

Only 10 minutes away from where Bill was meeting with pastors, an Indonesian airplane crashed, killing at least 116 people, including a local pastor and his family.  We mourn the loss of this pastor and grieve with all the families who experienced the death of loved ones, but are also grateful for Bill’s safety and that he was in place to help during that time of shock and grief.      

DSCN2319Though the problems in the Indonesian church may seem numerous and somewhat disheartening, we should actually be encouraged.  What we are seeing take place in Indonesia is a spiritual battle…one that shows how precious Indonesian souls are to the Lord and how frustrating that is to the devil!  Amidst national tragedy and church conflict, the Lord is leading people to Himself, healing their bodies and minds, and filling them with His Spirit so they can grow in Christ and defeat the enemy.  As we lift up Indonesia in prayer, we strengthen our brothers and sisters as they fight the good fight of faith, water their hearts so the Godly seed planted in them will grow, and rejoice with them as the enemy succumbs to the power and truth of Christ in their lives.  

Please pray for Indonesia in the following ways:

  • personal pride would be replaced with humility
  • unforgiveness would be rooted out and a willingness to forgive others would take over
  • pastors, leaders, and church members would earnestly seek true discipleship 
  • conflicts between pastors and leaders would be reconciled  
  • enemy’s attempts to hobble the Indonesian church would be foiled
  • Indonesian church would be released to fulfill its calling in Jesus
  • personal application of Bill’s teachings and favor upon Bill to continue discipleship of these pastors and leaders from afar
  • growth in number and spiritual maturity of Indonesian churches

You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.  — 1 John 4:4 (NASB)

Update on Indonesia

Indonesia.  A nation of islands — more than 17,000, but only 6,000 are inhabited.  A nation of 700+ languages.  A nation of Islam.  In fact, with its more than 253 million inhabitants, it is the largest Muslim-majority nation in the world.  But Christianity is alive and the Lord is at work!

Bill Eng and his daughter, Alyssa, recently traveled to Indonesia to bring encouragement and training to discouraged pastors, preach the Gospel message, and move in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The results were staggering and it is proof that the Lord desperately wants freedom for the souls of mankind in every nation!

Through preaching of the Word, nearly 350 people repented of sin and 200 were baptized in the Holy Spirit.  One woman was freed of the demonic and a church in the midst of conflict found resolution.  That is the power of the Gospel message — forgiveness for sin, freedom from the enemy of our souls, supernatural power and strength through the Spirit, and unity in the church!

The Engs received a special blessing before they returned to Malaysia.  Their final night in Indonesia they were unexpectedly invited to share a short message with a youth group.  The presence of God was so powerful that after briefly speaking and giving an invitation for youth to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, the youth cried out to God with tears and fervor in the prayer languages they had just received.  What an honor to see young lives touched so deeply by the Spirit of the Lord and a great way to end a time of outreach!

The Indonesian church desperately needs our prayers and financial support.  Not only do they face the hardships that come with being in a Muslim-dominate society, but the enemy is causing great discouragement among pastors and church members through church division and denominational politics.  Where the body of Christ needs to be strong and united, it is disheartened and challenged.  Many pastors must hold outside jobs just to support their families because the church cannot support their needs.

We are committed to these national pastors and churches!  We need your help to stand with the Indonesian church in prayer, in discipleship of pastors, leaders, and members, and pastor financial support so they may continue the great work the Lord has called them to do.  The Indonesian church is spiritually hungry.  The proof of that is in what took place through the Engs’ ministry, for if they were not hungry there would not have been such results.  Let us meet their spiritual hunger, encourage their weakened spirits, and support our brothers and sisters in Indonesia!