Blankets and Bibles Outreach

We might be feeling the heat of summer coming, but south of the Equator they are feeling winter approaching.  For many families in South Africa, they can’t afford a quality blanket to stave off winter’s chill.

Enter Shannon and Corné Stone.  On June 13th, they will be hosting an outreach in their nearby village and distributing blankets to those in need.  It’s not enough to provide physical warmth and comfort.  The Gospel will be preached and native language Bibles will be distributed as well.

IMG_4461WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Unfortunately, the local businessman who normally donated 100 blankets is not able to do so this year.  This means we’re starting from scratch….with only a few weeks to meet the need.  Blankets and Bibles will be given to orphans, single-moms with kids, elderly, and families in need.

One blanket and Bible combo is only $30.  The return on investment?  Priceless!

Help us wrap them with warmth and set their hearts on fire for the Lord.