Needed: Congo Approval In One Month

In America, nonprofit organizations must undergo state and national approvals in order to become full-fledged nonprofit organizations.  GOF went through this process 10 years ago and now we find ourselves in position of expanding into the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has a similar local/national registration process.

Why establish GOF Congo as a national nonprofit?  The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) laws require local and national registrations in order to provide services, obtain missionary visas, qualify for international funding, etc.  For us to continue doing the work that we are doing in the DRC, we need the full national registration status.

GOF Congo has already received its local registration and has been in the process for the national registration.  We’ve had a plan of action to gain the national registration, but as is common in developing nations, regulations change frequently and usually involve increased costs.  Such is the case for GOF Congo right now.

We’re at a VERY important crossroads here.  The rules are about to change for the national registration process, and if we don’t complete this registration in the next month, it will literally cost us thousands of dollars and lost time.  We all work hard to keep costs down and stretch the missions dollars we receive from you, so to miss this window of opportunity would greatly disappoint us.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!   We need to raise $3,500 in the next 30 days to meet the national requirement under current law.  If we miss this deadline, the cost goes up to $9,500.  Do you see our urgency?

First of all, we need your prayers!  We need the Lord God Almighty to provide favor for GOF Congo’s application.  The Lord has already given us open doors we didn’t expect, but we need His hand to move in this registration process.  We need His Spirit to move upon hearts and encourage people to give toward this important purpose.

Secondly, we need to raise $3,500 in 30 days.  Please give generously to this one-time need.  Once we have the national registration, GOF Congo can continue what it’s been doing — child soldier rehabilitation, evangelism, discipleship, refugee camp ministry — without further government approvals as an organization.  The Roths, our missionaries there, can apply for international aid which will help further the funding of the programs listed above.  Entry visas for the Roths can be processed quicker and at less cost.

Thank you for helping meet this need.  We look forward to what the Lord will do!