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Beginnings Bible Study: A Walk With Christ

By Dean Niforatos, this is the perfect series for new believers in Christ or for those wanting a refresher on the basics of Christianity and discipleship.

Biblical Topics

The Ten CommandmentsPDF
Jeremiah 1 – “The Almond Tree”PDF
Between the TestamentsTeacherStudent


Women In The ChurchPDF


Attributes of GodTeacherStudent
Doctrine of GodTeacherStudent


What The Bible Says About Salvation: Part 1TeacherStudent
What The Bible Says About Salvation: Part 2TeacherStudent


Discipleship DisciplineTeacherStudent
Thoughts on DiscipleshipPDF
Trustworthy StatementsTeacherStudent


Soul Winning LifeTeacherStudent
Witnessing ToolPDF

Holy Spirit – Niforatos

Gifts & Power of the Holy SpiritTeacherStudent
Miracles & TonguesTeacherStudent
Born & Empowered by the Holy SpiritPDF

Holy Spirit – Coenen

Personhood: Trinity & DivinityHandoutPodcast
Names & Attributes of the SpiritNames Handout

Attributes Handout

Podcast 1

Podcast 2

Purpose of the SpiritHandoutPodcast 1

Podcast 2

Symbolism of the Spirit in the BibleHandoutPodcast
Due to technical difficulties, only the first half of the handout is covered in the recording.
Workings of the Spirit in the Old and New TestamentsHandout 1

Handout 2

Spiritual GiftsHandout – Overview

Handout – Chart

Podcast 1

Podcast 2

Podcast 3

1 Corinthians 13Podcast 1

Podcast 2