All I Want for Christmas

“All I want for Christmas is my own pair of shoes…”  Wait.  What??

Yes, for Christmas this year there are still about 150 kids in Shannon & Corné Stone‘s ministry waiting and hoping to get a pair of shoes for Christmas.  Already we’ve successfully gathered the funds for the other 150 kids, but we don’t want to leave the other kids out!

Over the course of this past year, the Stones have seen a significant increase of kids standing in line to be fed a warm meal, be told stories from the Bible, and play.  Several of these kids have since given their lives to Jesus!

Please consider helping the Stones throw this Christmas party where each will receive a pair of shoes, a Bible, and a small amount of food as they celebrate Jesus’ birth — all for $20/child.  You can donate online here.

Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!