David and Jett Vega

Missionaries to Youth

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David and Jett Vega have been on the adventure of life together since high school.  Both experienced unexpected journeys in their walks with Christ, but each journey had purpose and propelled them into what they now experience today.

David was raised in an active Christian home where he participated in children’s outreach and street ministry from the time he was old enough to speak.  He demonstrated gifts of the Holy Spirit from a very early age, including tongues and healing, and he used his talents for theater, dance, and public speaking to share the gospel boldly throughout his teenage years.  However, following the death of his beloved grandfather and his parents’ divorce, he grew frustrated with God and disillusioned with the church.  He left home after graduating high school and fell into a “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll” lifestyle that led to deep depression, health issues, and even thoughts of suicide.  God had a different plan and moved David to Colorado to live with his sister, where he got his health back on track by becoming a Muay Thai kickboxer. He credits the steadfast prayers of his mother and sister for this restoration and his eventual calling into full time ministry. He and Jett reconnected in 2003, and her ministry to him helped set him back on a collision course with Jesus. You could say, like Jacob, David wrestled with God and lost—and it was the best thing that ever happened to him! The Lord had a plan for his life and had no intention of letting go.

Jett was also raised in a Christian home. At age 14, she experienced a supernatural healing from twelve years of chronic urinary tract issues, antibiotic dependency, and multiple surgeries.  Salutatorian of her class, a proud tomboy, and an avid science fiction fan, she found refuge in volunteering for children’s, drama, media, youth, and worship ministries at her church. As an adult, she went on to study filmmaking, working in the movie and television industry for over a decade. Behind the visage of success, Jett struggled with a crippling social anxiety disorder and phobias that led to frequent panic attacks and frustrated faith. She watched countless young people around her walk away from Christ, all championing her to do the same. Despite her fears, she pressed after Jesus and became a dedicated student of apologetics and theology, clinging to the Holy Spirit like a life rope in stormy water.

David and Jett studied under GOF Spiritual Oversight Directors Dean and Carol Niforatos and in 2012 joined the leadership team of NayaLife Community Church, an urban missions ministry in Aurora, CO that serves South Asian refugees and immigrants throughout the Denver area.  Together they led the youth ministry and Jett led the worship ministry of the church. Their ministry at NayaLife exposed them to hundreds of Nepalis, Bhutanese, Indians, and Pakistanis in outreaches, home church meetings, practical service, and discipleship groups. Jett also led a monthly outreach service preaching the gospel to transients, displaced families, and parolees living in Denver’s industrial sector.

In 2016, the Lord radically called David and Jett to a new mission field in Citrus Springs, FL with GOF Missionary Rob Russo. As youth pastors, the couple started “All In” Youth Ministry (AIM Youth) where they are experiencing an incredible movement of God spiraling beyond their county’s borders. Many teenagers are coming to Christ through weekly youth services and monthly outreaches utilizing dramatic illustrations, worship, and ministry of “Resurrection Wrestling,” an ongoing drama that uses professional wrestling to illustrate the gospel. Their teen discipleship group, “Level Up,” adapts Dean Niforatos’ “Beginnings” and topical Bible study materials to be age-appropriate for teenagers.

David and Jett also have ministry experience abroad, having served in a short-term capacity in Uganda where they preached in local churches, trained local pastors, laid hands on dozens of sick who were miraculously healed, cast out demons, did door-to-door evangelism, and debuted their “Resurrection Wrestling” overseas that reached hundreds of Ugandans for Jesus!

In their spare time, Jett is an avid writer of fantasy fiction and travel advice for visitors to Florida. David continues exercising his culinary skills, and they both enjoy the hobbies of archery, medieval sword fighting, video games, and taking long road trips.