David and Jett Vega

Missionaries to Internationals in America

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David and Jett Vega have been on the adventure of life together since high school, when they both were active volunteers at their church in El Paso, TX.  Both have experienced “unexpected journeys” in their walks with Christ, but have been greatly blessed to do so together.

David was raised Christian, participated in clowning and street ministry from the time he was old enough to speak.  He demonstrated gifts of the Holy Spirit, including tongues and healing, from a very early age, and used his remarkable gifts for theater, dance, and public speaking to share the gospel regularly through his teenage years.  However, following the death of his beloved grandfather and his parents’ divorce, he grew frustrated with God and disillusioned with the church.  He left home shortly after graduating high school and fell into a “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll” kind of lifestyle that led to deep depression and thoughts of suicide.  God intervened and David moved to Colorado to live with his sister, also reconnecting with Jett, and got his health back on track by becoming a Muay Thai kick boxer.  He credits the consistent prayers of his mother for his restoration and calling as a youth pastor.

Jett was also raised in a Christian home, actively volunteering in children’s church.  Salutatorian of her class, a proud tomboy, and avid science fiction geek, she found herself on the outer edge of school society.  Her refuge was found in volunteering in the children’s, drama, media, youth, and worship ministries.  She suffered an anxiety disorder and social phobia that led to frustrated faith.  However, despite many walking away from Christ and her own doubts, she pressed on to give God opportunity to answer her difficult questions.  This led to an intense love for apologetics and theology.

David and Jett were a part of “Prayerhouse” discipleship under GOF’s own Dean and Carol Niforatos. This created the foundation for the ministry they now accomplish.  With hearts broken for South Asia, they joined the leadership team of NayaLife Community Church, a missions church plant with a strong Bhutanese-Nepali refugee base.  David, the youth pastor, and Jett, the worship pastor, also lead a small group and work to help the church reach its vision of planting several churches and outreach services to meet the needs of Denver’s international community.

Beyond NayaLife Community Church, David and Jett’s ministry extends to outreaches in Denver’s industrial sector, Jett’s writing ministry through a blog called “Kneeling in the Dark” which she uses to explore difficult spiritual topics, and Dave’s culinary ministry as a trained chef.  In their free time, they enjoy longbow archery, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, video games, professional wrestling, and cosplay (dressing up as famous characters from movies and comics).

But he knows the way that I take;
    when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.     — Job 23:10