Shannon and Corné Stone

Missionaries to South Africa

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Shannon, from the USA, and Corné, from South Africa, met on the mission field in Amsterdam while working at a Christian youth hostel.  From the very beginning, they were missions-minded and made plans to return to South Africa for long-term service.  Initially when they returned to South Africa, they planned on one of them working full-time outside the ministry, but when they did an outreach in the local township, they realized the severe need and couldn’t turn away from it, deciding that both would focus on the ministry full-time.  

In South Africa, children are often alone at home after school, many are raised by older siblings or grandparents, and are malnourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The Stones started reaching into the community with food and interacting with the children.  Currently, the Stones are feeding over 200 children each week and pray with them, do health and Bible teachings, and hold outreaches in the township to bring Bibles, blankets, food and prayer.  Since the outreach was house-to-house based, it quickly enabled them to understand the living environments of the children they serve — severe poverty that often affords only one low nutritional value meal per day.

As the Stones lead Bible studies, their reach is extending beyond the children they serve as people of all ages are learning about and accepting Christ as their personal Savior and are being discipled in biblical truth. There may not be a church building per se, but they are certainly building the church!