Revs. Dean and Carol Niforatos

Director of Spiritual Oversight

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Dean comes from a Greek background and is passionate about reaching people for Christ.  With a worldwide evangelistic ministry, he has brought the message of salvation, the power of the Holy Spirit and healing to some of the neediest nations on earth.  As co-founder of GOF, he provides spiritual oversight to the ministry, brings teams of workers to assist in humanitarian and spiritual needs, and trains and releases many of various ages into effect ministry abroad.

He has been married to his wife, Carol, also an ordained minister and dentist, since 1984 and they have two sons who have traveled the world ministering with them from their ministry base in Colorado.  He co-authored the book, “The Jesus Sensitive Church:  Would Jesus Worship Here,” hosts pastor training conferences and also authors many of the Bible studies on our site.

Soul Winning Is the Core Value

Soul winning is the core value of the lifelong ministry of Dean and his family.  Dean reaches the world via evangelistic crusades and aids in the building of nations by means of discipleship, training, education and humanitarian efforts.

Dean’s giftedness is presenting the complexities of the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit in simple, cross-cultural ways that don’t dumb it down or make it devoid of its power.  This is confirmed through the more than 1 million who have been saved and baptized in God’s Spirit throughout the years.  Churches who have hosted his ministry have continually reported long-lasting fruit.

Perhaps the most telling about his heart is the driving desire to reach the most unreached peoples of the earth.  This has led to life-threatening ministry in war-torn areas and inspiring others to give their lives for missions.  This has guided Dean and Carol to direct GOF personnel and volunteers in such a way that they and those they have discipled have now helped plant over 300 churches.


Dean’s newest book co-authored with Ron Auch.  Why pray in tongues?  Read to understand the tremendous need to reawaken this gift within the Christian church so we might see the power of God once again working in the hearts of God’s people.


“Beginnings” is an unabashedly Spirit-filled, Biblically sound discipleship manual designed to help new believers establish a firm foundation for their journey with Jesus. Delving into topics that include the inspiration of the Bible, supernaturally effective prayer, and the two essential baptisms that mold us into new creations who perform the powerful works of our Savior, this book is great for personal study, small groups or any Sunday School class.