DSCN9619Missionary Support

GOF Missionaries are responsible for raising their own ministry and living costs each year.  Therefore, the more supported a missionary is financially, the more he/she can do to reach others with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Missionaries receive financial investment from individuals, churches and organizations and are accountable to GOF and the IRS for all expenditures.  We currently have 7 missionaries ministering to numerous countries across 3 continents.

Often people wonder how much a missionary should be receiving from others.  That’s not an easy question to answer, as there are some missionaries who work additional jobs based on personal need and/or ministry entrance points.  Others cannot afford to work elsewhere due to country regulations or ministry workload.  Because GOF Missionaries keep their living expenses low and dedicate a large majority of their funds to ministry costs, our desire is that all GOF Missionaries would be fully funded through donations so they can focus solely on the call of God upon their lives.  If you receive a living wage for your work, we believe missionaries should receive the same.

ME PREACHING AT BORChurch Planting and Evangelistic Outreach

We partner with native pastors to plant churches where there were few to none before.  We invest in the local pastors to help these new churches become sustainable and community impacting.  While the needs vary by congregation and location, startup costs for church plants are steep in third world countries.  We don’t believe it is right to start a church and not help provide for its needs.  There is property to find, buildings to construct or rent, seating to provide, sound equipment, and a pastor to help initially support until the church is stable enough to take over for itself.

Evangelistic Outreaches are often held in open-air settings where the entire village will come to hear the music and guest preachers.  There are many logistical and ministry items required for successful outreaches in undeveloped countries.  For example, rugged transportation to cross poor roads, sound equipment, local language Bibles, food, water and lodging for the ministry team, etc.

DSC00080Short-Term Mission Trips

There are many countries we minister in that simply are not safe enough for short-term visitors, as it would endanger the missionary and/or the church.  However, there are times when we are able to invite teams along.  Short-term mission trips are an excellent way to serve the Lord, His people, and grow in discipleship of Christ.  Most of our trips cost $2,500-$3,000 and last 10-14 days.  Click here if you’d like more information.

Discipleship & Training

It’s not enough just to lead people to Christ.  The Great Commission says to go and make DISCIPLES of all nations.  (Matt. 28:19)  Therefore, we are just as intentional about discipleship as we are evangelism.  Whether a new believer, a seasoned Christian or a church leader, we all have room to grow!

DSCF1761Pastor & Church Leader Conferences

It’s quite common that overseas church leaders have limited, if any, Bible school instruction.  Sometimes our overseas outreaches are strictly training sessions for church pastors and leaders.  We also frequently hold Bible teaching seminars during the day while other humanitarian outreaches are taking place.

Seminars topics may include leadership training, church leadership selection, specific Bible topics, sin/conflict resolution, leading others in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, etc.

Jesus-Sensitive-Book1Jesus Sensitive Church Conferences

GOF’s Spiritual Oversight Director, Dean Niforatos, co-authored a book with Pastor Ron Auch titled, “The Jesus Sensitive Church:  Would Jesus Worship Here?” and holds conferences based on the points brought out in the book.  These conferences are designed for pastors and church leaders who wish to lead the kind of church described in the Book of Acts — one where God reveals Himself to mankind in awful holiness and irresistible power.

Glasses on Open BibleFree Bible Studies

The Word of God is critical in the life and growth of a Christian!  We have topical and book-based Bible studies, some in podcast form, that can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE and used for personal or group study.  GOF Missionaries often hold Bible studies in their specific locations that are free to attend.


America is one of the few countries in the world that provides education for its youth through taxes alone.  Most countries require additional school tuition for students to receive an education.  Children in developing nations often miss the opportunity of education due to family finances.

There is a cycle of poverty that also stems from religious persecution in some regions.  In these countries, it is perfectly acceptable to deny jobs to Christians, thereby holding adults to servant positions where mistreatment, abuse, and rape is not uncommon.  While parents long for their children to have better in life, the struggle to provide food and shelter trumps paying school fees for their children.

TuitionAssistanceTuition Assistance

In collaboration with local pastors who help identify promising and dedicated youth in need of tuition assistance, we help provide the funds for these students to attend school.  Depending on the country and political stability, we may at times send students to a boarding school outside his/her home nation to an accredited Christian school.  Costs vary by country to support a student, but the investment is priceless!

“I would like to thank you for the school fees you are paying for me.  When I came here, I was not born again.  I came to know Christ in this school and was so happy because I had a desire to know God.  I promise to read hard and not waste the money you use to pay my school fees.” 

— Joyce, 16-year old in Sudan

“Thank you so much for paying my school fees.  My mother is alone to raise us and cannot pay.  I wept when I heard that I could go to school.  I want to be an attorney and help change my country.”

— James, 12-year old in Uganda

Image 14School Supplies

At times we encounter quality Christian school that don’t have the funds for needed school supplies such as books, paper, writing utensils, desks, etc.  Through the generosity of others we are able to provide necessary education materials to third world classrooms serving underprivileged children.

School Construction

GOF is currently assisting a school in South Asia to complete its construction of a new facility for its expanding enrollment.  Located in the heart of the slums, and often targeted for persecution, the school now has room for 6 grade levels.

Image 1Orphan Care

This is a need in almost every country we serve.  Due to disease, persecution, and poverty, millions of children around the world are left orphaned.  It’s not uncommon for the oldest child to become the parent for all younger siblings, leaving little hope of getting needs met — let alone receive an education and better his/her own life!

Orphan care covers the costs for food, shelter, medications, clothing and education for an orphaned child.  To the extent possible, we work to keep orphaned children in indigenous homes so they can continue to be raised up in their own culture and language.  However, there are times when orphans are supported through an orphanage.  We currently support orphans in Africa and Asia.


There is no doubt that many of the countries we serve are in great need of humanitarian assistance.  Meeting the physical needs of people helps them see their spiritual need.  Therefore, all GOF humanitarian projects also include an opportunity to receive the Gospel message, but converting to Christianity is never a requirement to receive services.

DSCN1839Medical Clinics & Supplies

Access to medical care can be non-existent…or too far away to make it practical.  And just because a village has a medical provider does not mean that he/she has the necessary medical supplies.  For example, a clinic in South Sudan received supplies from the government monthly, but despite harsh rationing the supplies only lasted 1 week!

Following a medical outreach, we leave supplies behind with the missionary or health care provider.  Our missionaries provide transport to hospitals — often 4 or more hours away on very rough roads.  Frequently we cover the medical costs for villagers who are unable to do so.

MalawiHousing for Widows & Orphans

One of the basic human needs is safe shelter.  For widows and orphans, that is often a luxury rather than a met need.  Thanks to the generosity of others, we’re helping build a widow and orphan home in Malawi, Africa that will allow widows and children safe shelter, along with opportunity to learn new trade skills that will help them be self-sustainable.